Reflective Motorcycle Wheel Decals in Day-Glo Green - For a Cause
10 12 14 16 18 Inch Reflective Motorcycle Rim Sticker - Complete 14 Inch - Safety
10 12 14 16 18 Inch Reflective Motorcycle Rim Sticker - Disconnect 18 Inch - Safety

Reflective Motorcycle Wheel Decals in Day-Glo Green - For a Cause

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Ride with pride knowing that a percentage of your purchase of our Wheel Decals goes towards funding North American Cancer Societies, dispersed between the Canadian Cancer Society, the American Cancer Society and Specific Cancer Research Projects.

Our Reflective Motorcycle Wheel Decals add a level of safety and style to your ride. Easy to install in minutes. And are always a great conversation starter.  

Available in a variety of Sizes for Scooters, E-bikes, Sportbikes, Adventure and Touring bikes and everything in between.  For odd sizes rims (11,13,15,17) order one size larger and trim to fit. Decals are approximately ½ inch/1cm wide.  

This product is available in only reflective Day-Glo green colour and in two pattern options, Complete (Solid Pattern) or Disconnect (Broken Pattern).

And they look great on not just bikes, but you can use on other vehicle wheels, including Bike and ATV trailers, holiday trailers and anything you want to kick up a notch. Be Seen, Be Safe.

If you don’t love this product, just let us know in 30 days, you will receive a stress-free refund.  


Installation instructions:

Tools Required:

  • Wheel cleaner, or warm water and soap,
  • or foamy window cleaner (my personal favourite for installing decals).
  • Rubbing alcohol for wiping and prepping surface.
  • Razor knife for trimming (if required).
  • Rubber or a plastic squeegee.

Installation process:

Clean wheel surface, grease and oil free. (use rubbing alcohol to prep surface by removing oil and grease).  When the wheel is clean and dry, spray with foamy window cleaner (or soapy water), this will be your placement lubricant and peel sticker and place on the wheel.

Adjust to exact placement, squeegee out window cleaner. Trim to fit if required.  If you have bubbles, squeegee them out before it sets. You can peel it off and reset it before you squeegee but may damage decal after it sets. Let it dry for 6-12 hours. Be careful with high-pressure washing as you may lift them off and damage them.  


Be Seen. Be Safe. Ride with pride. Spread the word for our cancer research fundraising project. Let your friends know by simply sharing on facebook, IG or word of mouth. 

Thank you for supporting a great cause.