Head to Head TPMS coming soon.

I will be doing a head to head shoot-out between  FOBO TPMS and the RH51/BLE TPMS later in the spring.  I need to put some miles on the one for a fair comparison.

I strongly believe in using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System on any bike. (unless you are lucky enough to have one built in)

I personally made the error of thinking my tire pressures were at a safe level, the quick eyeball check,  only to destroy a tire a few hours later. I am a seasoned rider, who made a lazy mistake and it cost me. Thankfully my stupidity didn't put me in the hospital or worse. I should have found my tire pressure gauge in my toolbox and checked before swung a leg over, but I was running late meeting up with my ride buddy that morning.  Rest is history.

So I invested in a TPMS for my bike.  I now can open my phone app and check my tires before I even start my bike. I can check them during stops as well. very quick. I don't have to fiddle around in my took kit looking to find my tire gauge, which I may have lent to someone but not returned. Because that never happens. 


My first purchase was the FOBO Brand.  I ordered from the Malaysia "Factory" thinking I would save some money.  After exchange and duty, it was about double from what I thought I was paying. Ouch. My math in my head was obviously off by a long shot. It took about 3 weeks to delivery.  Which is about normal without e-packet from Asian Countries.  The installation was mostly painless, the first set of batteries were dead? They included a second set, and once installed all was fine. 

The biggest issues are;

a. sometimes it doesn't want to sync properly.  It's rare, but frustrating to get it to sync.  

b. the app kills my battery life on my older Samsung Android.  My riding buddy has the same system, runs the Apple App, says he has no issues with battery leaching on his phone.  So is an Android-only problem. 



I later discovered a more robust TPMS, which is at a better price point. 

I will be doing a full shoot-out comparison this spring.   

I am now offering it for sale on my store. Check it out.    


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